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Courtney Love Discography

Courtney Love Discography
Courtney Love Discography (Source: Rollingstone.com)

Born July 9, 1964, Courtney Michelle Harrison though we know her today as Courtney Michelle Love, she is an American actress, guitarist, songwriter-singer and the widow of legendary Nirvana rock band frontman Kurt Cobain.

Love was a popular figure in the grunge and punk scenes around the 1990s, and now her career has spanned for over four decades. The outspoken, brash and in other cases out of control public figure rose to prominence when she was the lead vocalist of the American alternative rock band Hole which she was also a founder.

Love music career began as the lead singer of Faith No More which was an American Rock band, but she just held the position for a while before she got kicked out. After the Faith No More the formed an all-female group Babes but it didn’t last long before she got kicked out too on this one. In 1989 she formed Hole with guitarist Eric Erlandson, drummer Caroline Rue, and bassist Jill Emery.

The band gained wide acclaim with the release of its debut album Pretty on the Inside in 1991. Three years later the band second album Live Through was released and was commercially successful as it hit the platinum certification in Australia, Canada, and United States. Celebrity Skin became the third studio album released by Hole on 1998 and became Hole’s most commercially successful album to date having sold over 2 million copies globally.

In 2013 it was named the 265th greatest album of all time. After the release of the third album, the band was disbanded in 2002, and members individually pursued their own personal ventures but in 2010 Love reformed the band and released an album Nobody’s Daughter (2010). The Hole name was retired in 2013 by Love, but today they have been recognized as one of the most high-profile musical group of the 1990s.

After the breakup of Hole in 2002 Love signed a contract with Virgin Records and she began recording for her new album America’s Sweetheart. The album was released on February 2004, but it was a commercial failure selling only 200,000 copies globally. Her second solo studio album titled Died Blonde never saw the light of the day, but she released several singles such as “You Know My Name” / “Wedding Day” released on 2014, “Honour” (2014) and “Miss Narcissist” / “Killer Radio” (2015).

Below is a summary of Courtney Love Discography

Solo Studio Albums Studio Album

America’s Sweetheart released on February 10, 2004

Courtney Love’s Hole discography

Pretty on the Inside (1991)

Live Through This (1994)

Celebrity Skin (1998)

Nobody’s Daughter (2010)


Courtney Love’s Soundtracks and collaborations

“I Stalked Him” 2004

“Love, Love, Love” 2005

“Rio Grande” 2013

“Rat a Tat” 2013

“Walk Out On Me” 2015


Courtney Love Singles

“Mono” (2004)

“Hold On to Me” (2004)

“You Know My Name” / “Wedding Day” (2014)

“Honour” (2015)

“Miss Narcissist” / “Killer Radio” (2015)


Courtney Love Videography

“Mono” (2004)

Rat A Tat (2013)

“You Know My Name” (2014)

Source: Wikipedia


Above is Courtney Love discography. Love has been ranked at no 69 in the list of Greatest Women in Music History, number one greatest female rock star of all time and her band Hole is ranked among the few most successful rock bands of all time fronted by a woman.


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