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Courtney Love Best Songs

Courtney Love
Courtney Love (Source: Billboard.com)

Whether you like her or dislike her, Courtney Love has proved beyond a reasonable doubt she is one of the greatest women in music history and one of the greatest female rock star of all time. With over 3 million record sales in the United States alone and several of her music albums certified gold and platinum Love has earned her place among the music icons of our time. Both as a solo artist and as a lead vocalist of Hole which is the most successful rock band of all time fronted by a woman Courtney Love has, again and again, proved she is a talented musician and will go in history archives as one of the most influential female rock stars that have ever lived.

Forget about her struggles with addiction, her controversies or her never-ending legal troubles, and just focus on the impressive collection of music which Love has penned down for the last four decades. Whether you are searching for the best Courtney Love songs, best songs of Courtney Love, greatest hits of Courtney Love or top Courtney Love songs we have the best selection for you below just check it out.

  1. “Teenage Whore”

This is the first track on Hole band debut album Pretty on the Inside. The song upon release peaked no 1 on the UK Indie Chart. The band’s frontwoman Courtney Love wrote the lyrics of the song. It’s about a teenage prostitute who was dejected by her mother.

  1. “Doll Parts”

This song was written by Courtney Love, and it’s the sixth single of Hole’s second studio album, Live Through This. When it got released, it peaked on the US Billboard Modern Rock Tracks at position 4 and became one of Hole’s signature tracks. This song is about women insecurities and ambitions.

  1. “Miss World”

The lyrics of the song were written by Eric Erlandson and frontwoman Courtney Love as the fifth track in their second album Live Through This.  It peaked position 13 on US Billboard Modern Rock Tracks and position 64 in the UK Singles Chart.

  1. “Violet.”

Its one of the songs in Hole’s second studio album Live Through This.it was written by Courtney Love and Eric Erlandson in 1991 though it was released officially in 1994. The song theme is about self-abasement and sexual exploitation. All this was as a result of her relationship with Billy Corgan. After its release, the song peaked position 29 on the US Billboard Modern Rock Tracks and position 17 on UK Singles.

  1. “Celebrity Skin”

This is the lead single of Hole’s third album Celebrity Skin. Celebrity Skin album is the most commercially successful album of Holes. And “Celebrity Skin” track is also the most commercially successful single of Hole’s. When the track was released, it peaked no 1 in US Alternative Songs and no 1 Canada Rock/Alternative chart.

5.” Asking for It”

It’s one of the many songs written by Erlandson and Love on their debut studio album Pretty on the Inside. “Asking for it” wasn’t released as one of the tracks on Pretty on the Inside music album but it was released as the fourth track of Live Through This studio album in 1994. It’s one of the most notable songs of the Hole’s band.

  1. “Malibu.”

Hole’s third studio album had another track written by Courtney titled “Malibu.” It’s the fourth track on this album and one of Hole’s most commercially successful songs. Upon its release, it peaked position 3 on US Billboard Modern Rock Tracks and position 81 on US Billboard Hot 100. The song is about her first boyfriend, Jeff Mann.

  1. “She Walks On Me”

It’s one of the songs in Holes studio album Live Through This. It’s one of the popular songs which Love wrote during her time with the band and today it has become one of the fans favorite tracks.

  1. “Awful.”

It’s one of the songs in Hole’s third studio album Celebrity Skin. “Awful” was released in 1999 and its talks about how young girls are corrupted by the media and modern pop culture and the mitigation measures they should undertake to rebel against that. The song peaked position 13 on US Modern Rock Tracks when it was released.

  1. “Miss World”

This is the fifth single on Hole’s second studio album Live Through This .it was released in 1994 and peaked position 13 on US Billboard Modern Rock Tracks and position 64 on UK Singles Chart. The theme of the song is substance abuse and self-image.


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